Diocesan Diploma of Ministry (DDM) to Commence in 2013

It is with great pleasure for the School of Ministry and Mission to announce that we are ready to welcome a group of students entering into their 4th academic year of studies which will lead them to earn the Diocesan Diploma of Ministry (DDM). The subjects planned for the DDM level in 2013 are:

1. Introduction to Biblical Languages – Tim Mildenhall (21 Jan-10 Mar)

2. Hermeneutics – Tim Mildenhall (11 Mar-5 May)

3. Philosophy – Tim Mildenhall (6 May-26 May)

4. History and Theology of Mission – Kathy Mildenhall (21 Jan-10 Mar)

5. Early Church History – Kathy Mildenhall (11 Mar-5 May)

6. Christian Spiritualities – Lin Khee-Vun (Second half of 2013)

7. Psalms – Lin Khee-Vun (Throughout the academic year)

8. Prayer and Counselling Ministry – Kenneth Thien and Ellel Malaysia (Throughout the academic year)

9. Evangelism Methods and Implementation with Alpha and XEE – Lau Ay-Kuen (Second half of 2013)

10. Homiletics – Lin Khee-Vun (Second half of 2013)

11. Pastoral Leadership – Lin Khee-Vun (Second half of 2013)

12. Practical Ministries – various tutors (Throughout the academic year)

We are very honoured to have the Ven. Tim Mildenhall, the Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia and Kathy, his wife, joining the faculty for the first half of the year.

DDM is a one year fulltime programme which is open to those who have successfully completed the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM). Unlike the DCM, students are expected to join the School of Ministry and Mission fulltime. Applicants without the DCM can be considered provided that he or she has gone through training similar to the DCM in the past. All applicants are to be recommended by their pastor/priest-incharge. We expect students at this level to demonstrate faithfulness in their ministry at the local church and academic competency on par of that of DCM. Application is open now. Please write in to Ps. Lydia Chang for more information: lydiaclm@yahoo.com. Do also write in if you wish to audit some of the above courses.

New Applicants for the Entry Course to the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM) Programme

To date we have 17 new applicants for the Introduction to the Bible (ITB) course which will take place in November. Those who pass this subject will be eligible to proceed with the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM) programme, starting next February. Currently we are also processing a number of potential applications, aiming to still archive our yearly target of 20 new students for DCM level.

These new applicants are from all three language groups – English, Chinese and Malay. We pray that there will be more who would be trained for the harvest and the mechanism of fresh entries will be kept over the years to ensure that.

November Exam for DCM Students

To all SOMM students, Doctrine 3 Exam (self-study subject) is on 23 November 2012 (Friday), 9:30am-12:00pm. Please refer to the listing handed out during Term 3 Residential (Aug) for your EXAM VENUE. Following is the exam format for Doctrine 3:

Write brief notes on the context, meaning and doctrinal significance of any FIVE (5) out of eight (8) – (25 marks – each part is worth 5 marks).

Write an essay on EACH question – (25 marks each)

Practical Ministry Module Tutor’s Training

The first ever Practical Ministry Modules Meeting and Training for Tutors was held on 19 and 20 September, 2012. In total 11 tutors were involved in the event. The aim of this training is to equip the tutors with the knowledge and skills to help the students at the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM) level in their practical ministry training. The Practical Ministry Module (PMM) is one of the two components which form the training leading to the DCM, with the other component being the Moore Theological College (MTC), Certificate of Theology (Th.C) modules. It has been revised recently by the Training Committee to improve the content and the way it is delivered.
Led by Revd. Khee-Vun, who is the in-charge person of the School of Ministry and Mission (SOMM), the participants were able to grasp the rationale of PMM and its place in the training of effective workers according to the needs and vision of the diocese. They are also now aware of the level of biblical training their students have, as they were also being exposed to the biblical theology and methodology which MTC’s ThC course employs. The tutors were also given a chance to critically assess the PMM. By knowing its strength and weaknesses, the tutors are now confident in utilising it appropriately, while enhancing or supplementing it when necessary. They were also being given a chance to draw out tutoring plan and present their plans to the group for comments. Finally the tutors were introduced to an assessment system which is employed by SOMM. The training concluded with all participants eager to get involve with tutoring, as they look forward to see students, under their guidance, put the PMM into practice.
The first revised PMM module will be conducted in the residential tutorial which takes place immediately after the SOMM first ever Graduation and Opening Day on the 14th February, 2013.

2012 Term 3 Residential Tutorial Ongoing

Rev. Gordon Boughton tutoring

The School of Ministry and Mission is holding the term three residential tutorial in two places concurrently now. The Chinese and English groups are at the Wisma Anglican and All Saints Cathedral, while the Malay (BM) group is at Telupid’s Valley of Blessing. Rev. Gordon Boughton from Sydney and Ps. Lee Ban-Wee have just completed tutoring the English and Chinese students on the subject of Doctrine 2. The students sat for the examination on Wednesday and have now proceeded to the next subject, Apologetics, tutored by Archdeacon Moses Chin (English) and Rev. Lin Khee-Vun (Chinese). Meanwhile, Canon Musa Ambai is tutoring the Malay group in Telupid on Doctrine 2. It is a joy to see students from all language groups are eager to learn and have put in much hard work. This residential tutorial will take three weeks altogether and it will be till next February that some of these students get to meet up with each other in class again. All the best to everyone, and happy learning!

July Residential Tutorials Ready to go

In less than two weeks’ time we will be welcoming all SOMM English and Chinese languages students to their term 3 residential tutorials for two Moore Theological College (MTC) External Studies subjects and two Practical Modules. Students are encouraged to come early to participate in the diocese’s Jubilee Celebration on 24 July, and then stay on for the residential tutorials 26 July – 11 August. Rev. Gordon Boughton will be tutoring the English-speaking students on Doctrine 2, while Ps. Lee Ban Wee takes on the Chinese class. Meanwhile, Archdeacon Moses Chin (English) and Rev. Lin Khee Vun (Chinese) will be helping the students with Apologetics. We will have the privilege to have Rev. Tan Chor Kee from Faith Christian Centre, Sunway to teach the practical module, ‘How to build a strong Christian family’, while the Rector of the All Saints Cathedral, Canon Yong Thiam Choy will share his experience with the students on ‘How to build a strong Sunday service.’

The Class Venues are:
English – Faith Hall (Room 1)
Chinese – Faith Hall (Room 3)

Included in this three weeks residential will also be worship sessions led by Danny Wong, and a special briefing by Rev. Lin Khee Vun on the Practical Modules.

New Batch of Results Released!

A new round of results (Malay, Chinese) has been sent out from our office to the respective churches. Students are to get your results from your pastor/priest in-charge. The subjects involved are the ‘Introduction to the Bible’, ‘New Testament 1’, ‘Ephesians’, ‘Old Testament 3’, and ‘Prayer Book’. We thank God for all the markers. They are not only qualified and trained, but also responsible and efficient. We can expect results coming back promptly for the future.

Congratulations to those who passed, especially those who scored high marks. However, some have also failed. In view of the need to help our students to improve on their study skills and to understand the requirement of the examination,  we have prepared special seminars in the coming residential tutorials on ‘how to study’.