New Batch of Results Released!

A new round of results (Malay, Chinese) has been sent out from our office to the respective churches. Students are to get your results from your pastor/priest in-charge. The subjects involved are the ‘Introduction to the Bible’, ‘New Testament 1’, ‘Ephesians’, ‘Old Testament 3’, and ‘Prayer Book’. We thank God for all the markers. They are not only qualified and trained, but also responsible and efficient. We can expect results coming back promptly for the future.

Congratulations to those who passed, especially those who scored high marks. However, some have also failed. In view of the need to help our students to improve on their study skills and to understand the requirement of the examination,  we have prepared special seminars in the coming residential tutorials on ‘how to study’.

School of Ministry and Mission 2013 New Intake Now Open for Registration!

The School of Ministry and Mission (SOMM) welcomes potential students to apply for the entry exam, which will take place in November, 2012. Those who pass this exam will be eligible to enter into the first year of the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM) course beginning 2013. Application is open from 1 June to 1 August, 2012. Application forms may take a week to reach your parish/church/mission district. Please contact your pastor/priest in-charge for registration.

You can also download the form from here. Please refer to it for entry requirements, course content and the fees involved.

Moore Theological College Tutors and Markers Workshop 2012

Moore Theological College Tutors and Markers Workshop 2012 for the Anglican Diocese of Sabah

The Right Reverend Gary Nelson, the newly elected Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia, conducted a Tutors and Markers Workshop at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 2nd to 3rd, May, 2012. Being the director for the External Studies for Moore Theological College (MTC), Sydney for a number of years, Bishop Nelson conducted the workshop with great expertise. He also brought with him experiences as he passionately guided the participants through the workshop.

With him was Mr. John Downward, the newly appointed in-charge person for the External Studies for MTC. Tutors and markers from across the Diocese of Sabah for all language groups took part in this workshop. This event marked not only the continuous partnership between the Sydney Diocese and the Diocese of Sabah, but also a milestone in consolidating the role the MTC External Studies modules in the area of training  within the Diocese of Sabah. Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia (BM) tutors and markers who completed this workshop were also certified as recognised markers and tutors for the course – probably first of its kind in BM in such scale and settings.

Upcoming Moore External ThC Exam

Kepada pelajar-pelajar BM SOMM:

Harap kamu sedang berusaha dan membuat ulangkaji untuk pelajaran Perjanjian Baru 4.

Tarikh dan masa peperiksaan: 25.5.2012 (Jumaat), 9:30am-12:00pm


MASA YANG DIPERUNTUKAN: Dua jam tiga puluh minit (campur 10 minit masa bacaan)

BILANGAN SOALAN: Jawab sejumlah EMPAT (4) soalan.

Soalan SATU (1) bernilai 25 markah
Tulis sekurang-kurangnya setengah (1/2) halaman tentang konteks sastera, sejarah dan Alkitab serta aplikasi bagi mana-mana LIMA (5) daripada lapan teks Alkitab.

Soalan DUA, TIGA dan EMPAT setiap satunya bernilai 25 markah
Soalan Esei (mempunyai 3 pilihan untuk setiap soalan)

Terima Kasih

Ps Lydia
Diocesan Training Dept.
(Contact: 014-6790703)