Practical Ministry Module Tutor’s Training

The first ever Practical Ministry Modules Meeting and Training for Tutors was held on 19 and 20 September, 2012. In total 11 tutors were involved in the event. The aim of this training is to equip the tutors with the knowledge and skills to help the students at the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM) level in their practical ministry training. The Practical Ministry Module (PMM) is one of the two components which form the training leading to the DCM, with the other component being the Moore Theological College (MTC), Certificate of Theology (Th.C) modules. It has been revised recently by the Training Committee to improve the content and the way it is delivered.
Led by Revd. Khee-Vun, who is the in-charge person of the School of Ministry and Mission (SOMM), the participants were able to grasp the rationale of PMM and its place in the training of effective workers according to the needs and vision of the diocese. They are also now aware of the level of biblical training their students have, as they were also being exposed to the biblical theology and methodology which MTC’s ThC course employs. The tutors were also given a chance to critically assess the PMM. By knowing its strength and weaknesses, the tutors are now confident in utilising it appropriately, while enhancing or supplementing it when necessary. They were also being given a chance to draw out tutoring plan and present their plans to the group for comments. Finally the tutors were introduced to an assessment system which is employed by SOMM. The training concluded with all participants eager to get involve with tutoring, as they look forward to see students, under their guidance, put the PMM into practice.
The first revised PMM module will be conducted in the residential tutorial which takes place immediately after the SOMM first ever Graduation and Opening Day on the 14th February, 2013.

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