2012 Term 3 Residential Tutorial Ongoing

Rev. Gordon Boughton tutoring

The School of Ministry and Mission is holding the term three residential tutorial in two places concurrently now. The Chinese and English groups are at the Wisma Anglican and All Saints Cathedral, while the Malay (BM) group is at Telupid’s Valley of Blessing. Rev. Gordon Boughton from Sydney and Ps. Lee Ban-Wee have just completed tutoring the English and Chinese students on the subject of Doctrine 2. The students sat for the examination on Wednesday and have now proceeded to the next subject, Apologetics, tutored by Archdeacon Moses Chin (English) and Rev. Lin Khee-Vun (Chinese). Meanwhile, Canon Musa Ambai is tutoring the Malay group in Telupid on Doctrine 2. It is a joy to see students from all language groups are eager to learn and have put in much hard work. This residential tutorial will take three weeks altogether and it will be till next February that some of these students get to meet up with each other in class again. All the best to everyone, and happy learning!

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