THE RT REV MELTER JIKI TAIS, Bishop, Chairman of the Diocesan Training Committee (BM), Tutor

Bishop Melter is an alumnus of Malaysia Bible Seminary and has served God both in the towns and rural area since 1982 (from Youth Worker to Assistant Bishop). He is the first Bumiputera Anglican Bishop in the Diocese. He is also an effective mentor to the younger leaders. His contribution and ministry are recognised both in churches and the wider society.


THE RT REV JOHN YEO, Assistant Bishop, Chairman of the Diocesan Vocation Committee, Tutor

Known to be a passionate preacher and teacher of the Word, the Lord has blessed him from pastoring to church-planting, raising and mentoring pastors. His leadership is respected by both older and younger leaders who have served with him. He is presently the Rector of a 2500-strong St Patrick’s Church Tawau. In addition to pastoral work, he oversees the Diocesan East Coast Archdeaconry and leads the church-planting work in the North and East Kalimantan of Indonesia. He is married to Jillian, who supports him in his ministry and also serves as a cell leader in both children and adult zones.


REV CANON KHEE-VUN LIN, Principal, Tutor

Canon Lin studied theology at Malaysia Bible Seminary and Trinity College, University of Bristol. His research interest is the relationship between faith and culture. He currently chairs the ATI board and is involved in the Diocesan Vocation Committee. During his 10 years tenant as the pastor-in-charge of Faith Christian Centre, Petaling Jaya, he guided more than 25 young adults as they responded to serve the Lord full-time and saw the church grew almost threefold. Passionate in leadership training, he is also involved with Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit. His other ministry experiences include speaking in various churches and camps.


DR CHANG-KYU KIM, Academic Advisor of ATI, Tutor

Dr Kim earned his PhD in Theological Studies from Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK. He also holds a BA (Hons) in Theological Studies (Trinity College). Prior to joining ATI, he was a Senior Lecturer at Msalato Theological College, Tanzania. During his tenure in Msalato Theological College, he has served as the Head of Theology. His published work includes “Balthasar Hubmaier’s Doctrine of Salvation in Dynamic and Relational Perspective”.


SO-RA LEE, Academic Advisor of ATI, Tutor

So-Ra received her MA in Theological Studies from Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK. She also holds a Diploma in Higher Education in Theological Studies (Trinity College) and BA in Education (Ewha Womans University). Prior to joining ATI, she taught New Testament and Biblical Interpretation at Msalato Theological College, Tanzania. Her work entitled “Significance and Implications of Paul’s Concept of Leadership for the Korean Church Today” was featured in Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies.


PS LYDIA CHANG, Administrator of ATI, Tutor

Ps Lydia graduated from University of Southern Queensland with a degree in Human Resource Management. She is currently the Registrar and the Administrator of ATI. She studied theology at Sabah Theological Seminary.



Ps Judy earned her PhD from Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Coming from the indigenous people background and with teaching experience in theological seminary since 1991 have provided her additional insights to teach theology in the Sabah context. She is also involved in the ATESEA accreditation and FTESEA/ATESEA women theological educator teams. Apart from teaching, she is also involved in translating, proofreading and editing theological books.


REV DR KAR-YONG LIM, Advisor of ATI Board, Adjunct Tutor

Dr Lim read theology focussing on biblical studies in the USA and the UK. He currently serves as pastor-in-charge of Christian Education at Petaling Jaya Evangelical Free Church. As a theological educator, he has taught New Testament Studies in seminaries (Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, Malaysia Bible Seminary, and Bible College of Malaysia) in Malaysia and the region, and will return to full-time teaching soon. His contributions in Biblical Studies include regular publication of journals, seminar papers and books.



Rev Nelly earned her MTh from the Utrecht State University and did a post-graduate course on Mission at the Hendrik Kraemer Instituut. With a heart for mission, she has spent time in various regions of South East Asia, and was ordained in 1997. She is currently teaching in Malaysia Bible Seminary.



As a former CMS missionary, Rev Gordon has served in Kota Kinabalu for more than 10 years in charge of Christ Church Likas. His book ‘Sabah Anglican Diocese Golden Jubilee History 2012’ records the formation and growth of the Anglican mission and church in Sabah. He is a trained teacher [B.Sc., Th.L., Dip.A., Dip.R.E., B.D., M.A.(Th)] and an experienced course writer in missions, music and sports ministries.


REV YUEN-WOH VOON, Adjunct Tutor

Coming from the background of a chartered accountant, Rev Voon received his theological training at the New Covenant International University. He is the Malaysian National Director of Evangelism Explosion (EE), an international evangelism-equipping ministry. He is also one of the pioneer leaders of Full Gospel Tabernacle (FGT) in Malaysia, an indigenous group of churches with branch churches locally and abroad. He has been engaged in pioneering new churches and developing leadership for those churches.


Rev Tak-Vui Lee, Adjunct Tutor

Rev Lee holds a Master of Arts (Religion) from Westminster Theological Seminary and Sacred Theology Masters in New Testament from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He is involved with leadership development, preaching and teaching in Basel Christian Church of Malaysia and beyond. He is also the Chairman of MNPN and Event Director of Global Leadership Summit East Malaysia.


Rev Canon Dr Jon C. Shuler, Canon Missioner, Adjunct Tutor

Dr Jon is the founder of the New Anglican Missionary Society (NAMS) and has served in various churches in England and the United States for more than 35 years. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Church History (University of Durham), he is a sought-after trainer on church growth and planting, discipleship and leadership development. He is also actively involved in evangelistic missions around the world.



Canon Lidis received his theological training from Trinity Theological College, Singapore. Serving many years as the key Anglican leader amongst the largest indigenous group in Sabah, he was also the Chairman of Sabah Anglican Interior Mission (SAIM). He is actively involved in raising awareness of indigenous rights and promoting community development programmes for the indigenous community.



Canon Yong is the Rector of St Michael and All Angels’ Church. He is passionate for evangelism and teaching. He taught in a secondary school before completing his postgraduate theological studies at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. He was also active in Campus Crusade for Christ during his university time at University Malaya. He is currently the Alpha representative for the diocese.



Canon Musa studied in Malaysia Evangelical College, Sabah Theological Seminary and Crowther Hall, Birmingham. As a local Sabahan, he integrated the Sabah experience with theology in a paper he submitted during his Crowther Hall time. He has extensive experience in the training of leaders and youth and once led a mission district of more than 20 churches to growth.



Canon Arun is in charge of the Holy Cross Mission District. He is also a regular speaker in various events and trainings. A graduate of Sabah Theological Seminary, he is known for his powerful preaching and strong leadership. He is also currently involved with Alpha training in Bahasa Malaysia.



Rev Moses is the current Rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Sandakan. Trained at Moore College, Sydney, he is often described as a teacher par excellence who is well loved by colleagues and students. He has many years of ministry experience, and had served in various Diocesan Committees. He was also pivotal in organising a team to develop the ‘Start Right’ – a 3-book series course on Christian fundamentals that is used across the diocese.



Rev Lee is our main tutor in the Chinese section. He is an experienced pastor who has planted churches and has many ministry experiences. A graduate from Singapore Bible College and currently undertaking Doctor of Ministry at Taiwan Theological College and Seminary, he is passionate about evangelism and aims to make theological and practical ministry training available to the wider body of Christ. He is also known for his powerful preaching and effective ministry.



Rev Kenneth is the priest-in-charge of Desert Stream Anglican Church and National Director of Ellel Ministries Malaysia. He is proficient in the areas of counselling, healing and deliverance. Trained as a lawyer, he uses his gift nowadays to organise and teach both within Ellel and the church which he leads.



Rev Chin is synonymous to practical ministries. His experience includes serving as a Youth Pastor, a missionary in Indonesia and a Rector. He is known for strong leadership and as an all-rounded minister. He teaches with confidence and has the gift to arouse interest among students.



Rev Timothy studied theology at Singapore Bible College with an Information Technology and Multimedia background. He is an experienced worship leader, having led worship at different contexts, and leading many worship teams.



Rev Lau is a certified XEE facilitator. He is capable to teach in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. A trained teacher who was later trained in Singapore City Harvest Church and Malaysia Bible Seminary, he is currently the priest-in-charge of Christ the King.



Rev Yee has served the Lord for more than 30 years. His qualifications include Certificate of Gerontology, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts (Pastoral Counselling).



Rev Nickson studied for his B.Eng. at the Adelaide University. He then completed his theological training at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. Prior to entering full-time ministry he was heavily involved in student ministry at various varsities. He is known as a pastor as well as someone who has a sharp mind.



Rev Samuel served as a missionary in Tarakan for a year prior to obtaining his Bachelor of Divinity. He has amassed years of ministry experience as the priest-in-charge of numerous churches in the urban and interior setting. He is currently serving in the St Augustine’s Mission District, which at this time, comprises of 43 worship centres.



Pastor Thomas is one of the leaders in Ellel Ministries Malaysia. Previously a bank manager, he brings with him years of experience both in the marketplace as well as in ministry. He is known for the gift of discernment and teaching and has a track record of ministering and equipping the church through these spiritual gifts.



Ps Grace is a trained teacher and graduate of Malaysia Bible Seminary, she is a key person in the development and enhancement of ATI’s Practical Ministry Modules. She is now a pastor-in-charge of Sri Perdana Outreach Centre, having been serving as a youth pastor in the Cathedral.



Ps Susan is the in-charge person of the Chinese Senior Citizens and Adults Ministry in All Saints’ Cathedral. She is also noted for her passion in evangelism and pastoral care. She has a professional ICSA qualification and Master of Divinity.