ATI is committed to provide the best possible educator and practitioner in their respective fields of expertise to coach and inspire our students. All tutors are encouraged to continue pursuing further studies and research. Adjunct faculty members are also invited to further enhance the learning experience at ATI.

The Most Revd. Datuk Melter Jiki Tais


            Archbishop Melter is currently the Primate of the Anglican Province of Southeast Asia. Archbishop Melter is an alumnus of Malaysia Bible Seminary and has served God both in the towns and rural area since 1982 (from Youth Worker to Assistant Bishop). He is the first Bumiputera Anglican Bishop in the Diocese. He is also an effective mentor to the younger leaders. His contribution and ministry are recognized both in churches and the wider society, and has been key speakers in various churches and international conferences.

The Rt. Revd. John Yeo

Assistant Bishop, Tutor

            Bishop John Yeo is known to be a passionate preacher and teacher of the Word; the Lord has blessed him from pastoring to church-planting, raising and mentoring pastors. His leadership is respected by both older and younger leaders who have served with him. He is presently the Rector of a 2500-strong St Patrick’s Church Tawau. In addition to pastoral work, he leads the church-planting work in the North and East Kalimantan of Indonesia. He is married to Jillian, who supports him in his ministry and also serves as a cell leader in both children and adult zones.

The Revd. Canon Dr. Lin Khee-Vun

Principal, Tutor

The Revd. Canon Dr. Khee-Vun Lin is the founder principal and tutor at Anglican Training Institute (ATI). Dr. Lin studied theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, USA (Doctor of Ministry), Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK (M.A.), and Malaysia Bible Seminary (Master of Christian Studies, M.CS). He has been the lecturer for Theology, Practical Ministry, and Mission Studies at ATI since its inception.

During his tenure as the pastor-in-charge of Faith Christian Centre, Petaling Jaya, from 2000-2010, Dr. Lin guided more than 25 young adults as they responded to fulltime ministry and saw the church grew almost threefold in membership. He is trilingual (English, Chinese and Malay) and a well sought-after speaker.

Dr Kim Chang-Kyu

Academic Advisor, Tutor

            Dr Kim earned his PhD in Theological Studies from Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK. He also holds a BA (Hons) in Theological Studies (Trinity College). Prior to joining ATI, he was a Senior Lecturer at Msalato Theological College, St. John’s University of Tanzania. During his tenure in Msalato Theological College, he served as the Head of Theology. His published work includes “Balthasar Hubmaier’s Doctrine of Salvation in Dynamic and Relational Perspective”.

Mdm Lee So-Ra

Academic Advisor, Tutor

            So-Ra received her MA in Theological Studies from Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK. She also holds a Diploma in Higher Education in Theological Studies (Trinity College) and BA in Education (Ewha Womans University). Prior to joining ATI, she taught New Testament and Biblical Interpretation at Msalato Theological College, St John’s University, Tanzania. Her work entitled “Significance and Implications of Paul’s Concept of Leadership for the Korean Church Today” was featured inTransformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies. She is currently undertaking ThD (New Testament) at Yonsei University, Korea.

Mrs Lydia Chang

Registrar, Tutor

            Mrs Lydia graduated from University of Southern Queensland with a degree in Human Resource Management. She is currently the Registrar and tutor of ATI. She studied theology at Sabah Theological Seminary. 

Ps Dr Judy Berinai


            Ps Dr Judy comes from the indigenous people background and has many years of teaching experience in the Sabah context. She received her theological education in Trinity Theological College, Singapore (BD), Wycliffe College in University Toronto (MTh) and Oxford Centre for Mission Studies/Middlesex University, London (PhD). Currently, she is the Dean of Studies of Sabah Theological Seminary and a board member of ATESEA (Association of Theological Education in Southeast Asia), and she is involved in accreditation visits to various seminaries in Asia.

The Rev Dr Lim Kar-Yong

Board Advisor, Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Dr Kar-Yong studied theology focussing on biblical studies in the USA and the UK. He is a lecturer in New Testament Studies, Director of Postgraduate Studies, and Director of Centre for Bible Engagement at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. He has also taught in seminaries in Malaysia and the region. His contributions in Biblical Studies include regular publication of journals, seminar papers, and books.

The Rev Suardin Gaurifa

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Suardin is a teacher at Sekolah Tinggi Teologia Pelita Kebenaran (STTPK) Medan. Previously, he taught at Evangelical Theological School in Surabaya (2009 to 2014). His teaching focuses on Theology, Old Testament studies, Hebrew, Greek, Apologetics and Islamology. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology from Evangelical Theological School. Currently, he is a candidate of Doctor of Theology at STTPK. His research topic is the Effective of the original text of the Bible for the Christian apologetic at Indonesia context.

Ps Ivy Long

Adjunct Tutor

            Ps Ivy Long graduated from Church Planting Evangelical Seminary. She was a school teacher before entering full-time ministry. She has been actively serving as a pastor in the Chinese zone and is currently serving at Church of Our Redeemer, Kolombong. She is passionate about pastoring and training.

The Rt. Reverend Dr Stephen Soe

Adjunct Tutor

The Ven. Dr. Stephen Soe is the vicar of St Paul’s Church Penang, and the Archdeacon of Upper North Archdeaconry of the Diocese of West Malaysia. He earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Singapore Bible College. He is married and has 3 children.

Ps Chok Siaw-Moi

Adjunct Tutor

            Ps Siaw-Moi was actively involved with Campus Crusade for Christ before enrolling in Singapore Bible College. After earning her Bachelor of Theology, she continued serving the Lord in ministry and as a pastor’s wife at Grace Chapel Penampang. In 1996, she took a part-time course in Pastoral Ministry at Alliance Bible Seminary Hong Kong for 2 years. Since 1998, she has been serving faithfully at Grace Chapel Penampang in various ministries.

The Rev Dr Lee Tak-Vui

Adjunct Tutor

Rev Dr Tak-Vui holds a PhD in Hebraic Study of Christianity from Trinity, Albuquerque, USA, Sacred Theology Masters in New Testament from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr Lee has more than thirty years of pastoral experience. His present roles are primarily coaching, teaching, preaching and conducting training to churches in Sabah and beyond. He lectures at various theological institutes and training centres.

Ps Dr Robert Bernedictus

Adjunct Tutor

            Ps Dr Robert is the Academic Dean of STT-Pelita Kebenaran Medan, a theological school established by GBI Medan, a partner church of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah. He teaches Apologetics, the English Language, Pentecostal Theology and Basic Missiology and is a guest tutor at the Anglican Training Institute.

The Ven Lidis Singkung

Adjunct Tutor

            Archdeacon Lidis received his theological training from Trinity Theological College, Singapore.  Serving many years as the key Anglican leader amongst the largest indigenous group in Sabah, he is the Rector of St Luke’s Mission and also oversees the Diocesan Central Archdeaconry.

The Reverend Yong Thiam-Choy

Adjunct Tutor

            Archdeacon Thiam-Choy is the Rector of St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Acting Rector of The Church of Good Shepherd and overseas the Diocesan East Coast Archdeaconry. He is passionate for evangelism and teaching. He taught in a secondary school before completing his postgraduate theological studies at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia.

The Rev Dr. Timothy Chong

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Dr Timothy is the Dean of Indonesia—he supervises the Anglican Church in Indonesia, especially in planting churches, schools and CMED projects. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from the Far Eastern Bible College (Singapore), Master of Christian Studies degree from the Discipleship Training Centre (Singapore), Master of Religious Education degree from the Cornerstone University (USA) and a Doctor of Theology degree in Biblical Studies from the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary. He is a published author. His works include Paul’s Theology of Church Discipline in 1 Corinthians: Constructing a Holistic Model of Church Discipline for the Church in Singapore, Strategies in Church Discipline from 1 Corinthians: A Chinese Perspective. He was an Honorary Research Assistant at the Chung Chi College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2006), adjunct lecturer in Biblical Greek and the New Testament at the Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore (2004-2014), visiting scholar in residence at Fuller Theological Seminary (2016). He is married to Magdalena and they have 3 children—Isaac (25), Jessica (23) and Matthias (20).

The Rev Huang Teng-Wei

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Teng-Wei is an ordained minister, having served as a pastor for over 30 years in Chinese and English churches in Singapore and Australia. Between 1982-2012, he was actively involved in various teaching positions and served in numerous committees. With the passion and qualifications in music, he was the recipient of the Compass Artistic Excellence Award (2010) and is actively involved in performing arts in Singapore and Australia. He is also the author of Distinction of Sacred & Secular, Black & White.

The Very Rev Musa Ambai

Adjunct Tutor

            Dean Musa received his theological training from the Malaysia Evangelical College, Miri, Sarawak. He then furthered his studies at the Sabah Theological Seminary and Crowther Hall, Birmingham, UK. He also completed an Anglicanism course at St. Peter’s Hall, Trinity Theological College, Singapore. A native Sabahan, he had integrated his experience in Sabah with theology in his paper titled “A New Flower in the Old Forest” during his time at Crowther Hall. He was conferred the Ahli Darjah Kinabalu (ADK) award by TYT Sabah. With extensive experience in training leaders and youths, he currently serves as the Dean of All Saints’ Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu.

The Rev Canon Arun Kuak

Adjunct Tutor

            Canon Arun is a regular speaker in various events and trainings. A graduate of Sabah Theological Seminary, he is currently involved with Alpha training in Bahasa Malaysia. Canon Arun is an experienced leader who leads and mobilises evangelism and inspires his church to be involved in Alpha regularly.

The Rev Canon Chin Pit-Vun

Adjunct Tutor

Canon Pit-Vun is synonymous to practical ministries. He teaches with confidence and has the gift to arouse interest among students. A former missionary to Indonesia, he has more than 10 years of experience leading and pastoring churches. He brings with him rich experiences in the topics of this module which he gained through his many exposure and training in various churches and countries.

The Rev Canon Kenneth Thien

Adjunct Tutor 

Trained as a lawyer, Canon Kenneth is the priest-in-charge of Desert Stream Anglican Church and is the Diocesan English Prayer Co-ordinator. He is proficient in the areas of counselling, healing and deliverance. Nowadays, he uses his gift to teach the church which he leads.

The Rev Voo Then-Foh

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Then-Foh was involved with the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry since 1982 and in 1990 began pastoring numerous Basel parishes. In June 2013, he is assigned to Alpha Malaysia, as the Development Manager of the Chinese department and also to strengthen the Marriage and Parenting Courses. He has conducted various Alpha, parenting and marriage trainings.

Pastor Martin Ebik

Adjunct Tutor

Pastor Martin Ebik merupakan graduan daripada Bible College of Malaysia. Beliau telah melayani sebagai pastor dalam gereja dan pelayanan selama 18 tahun. Kini, beliau merupakan salah satu daripada staf Alpha Malaysia sebagai Senior Coordinator BM Alpha Malaysia.

The Rev Anderias Banabas

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Anderias earned his Bachelor of Divinity from Sabah Theological Seminary. Gifted in biblical understanding and teaching, he currently serves as the Rector of St Philip’s Mission District, Segama.

The Rev Dr Brian Birkett

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Dr Brian Birkett is an experienced minister whom the Lord blesses with the gift of discernment and prophecy. His ministry experience includes more than 20 years of serving at City Life Church, one of Melbourne’s largest churches. His credentials include Dmin (Fuller), MA (Church Leadership) and DipTh. He rganizing in spiritual formation, ministry training and equipping teams of people for mission.

The Rev Dr Wilfred John Samuel

Adjunct Tutor

            Dr Wilfred has served in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia as a congregational pastor for 15 years and as a lecturer at the Sabah Theological Seminary for 18 years. Currently, he is  serving as the Principal of the Sabah Theological Seminary.

The Rev Lee Ban-Wee

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Ban-Wee graduated from Singapore Bible College and is currently undertaking Doctor of Ministry at Taiwan Theological College and Seminary. Apart from his vast experience in church planting, he is known for his powerful preaching and effective ministry.

Dr Lee Soo Tian

Adjunct Tutor

Dr. Lee was born and raised in Alor Setar, Kedah. He received his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Reading, UK and his PhD in history, philosophy and education from Birkbeck, University of London, UK. Among his current research interests are Malaysian Church History and the history of Anglicanism. He served in the Diocesan Office of the Diocese of Sabah from 2018-2019 in the area of communications and research. He presently lives with his family in Kuala Lumpur.

The Rev Dr Yopie Buyung

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Dr Yopie completed his Doctorate Programme at Cipanas Theological College, Indonesia. He also holds a BA (University of Education) and MA (Tyrannus Bible College). He served in Campus Crusade for Christ for many years. Prior to pastoring, he was an editor for a Christian magazine and later served as the Associate Dean of Indonesia from 2016. Since 2004, he took on the role of Priest-in-charge of St Paul’s Anglican Church in Bandung.

The Ven Moses Chin

Adjunct Tutor

            Archdeacon Moses is the Rector of Christ Church Likas and oversees the Diocesan West Coast Archdeaconry. Trained at Moore College, Sydney, he is often described as a teacher par excellence who is well loved by colleagues and students. He has many years of ministry experience, and had served in various Diocesan Committees. He was also pivotal in rganizing a team to develop the ‘Start Right’ series – a 3-book series course on Christian fundamentals that is used across the diocese.

The Revd. Hiew Hoong Cheong

Adjunct Tutor

Revd. Hiewhas both law and theology degrees from England and Australia. He has been in full time Christian ministry for fifteen years and is able to teach the bible in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. Rev, Hiew is currently practising as an Advocate and Solicitor. He is married to Lee Ling and has a son, Zachary. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing and exercising. 

Ps Patricia Galidau

Adjunct Tutor

            Ps Patricia majored in Christian Education and New Testament Studies. She earned her Master of Theology from Seminari Teologi Malaysia and is currently teaching at Maktab Teologi Sabah.

The Rev Soon Soo-Kee

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Soo-Kee spent 37 years in ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Singapore until his retirement in August 2013. He continues to serve at St Andrew’s Cathedral as an Auxiliary Clergy and also in any parish that requires his assistance. For many years he was on the Theological Education Board of the Diocese and also an Examining Chaplain. He served as Dean of the Deanery of Vietnam for 13 years, one of the six deaneries under the Diocese of Singapore. He taught Church History and Asian Church History at Trinity Theological College (Singapore) for 6 years in the 1990s while serving concurrently as Warden of St Peter’s Hall. Christian Spirituality is very much his current interest because he believes that all servants of God must first learn what it means to have a close and intimate relationship with God our Father. In this respect there is much to learn from different Christian traditions.

Ps Dr Sintoh Yusop

Adjunct Tutor

            Dr Sintoh served as the principal of Maktab Teologi Sabah. With a MA degree in Pastoral Counselling and Practical Theology, and MTh in Systematic Theology, he has amassed years of teaching experience in the areas of Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, and Pastoral Counselling.

The Rev Samuel Sampe

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Samuel served as a missionary in Tarakan for a year prior to obtaining his Bachelor of Divinity. He has amassed years of ministry experience as the priest-in-charge of numerous churches in the urban and interior setting. He is currently serving in the St Augustine’s Mission District, which presently, comprises of 35 worship centres. 

The Rev Nickson Chia

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Nickson studied for his Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Adelaide. He then completed his theological training at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. Prior to entering full-time ministry, he was heavily involved in student ministry at various varsities. He is known as a pastor as well as someone who has a sharp mind. He has been a regular tutor for ATI and has mastered the subjects entrusted to him.

The Rev Timothy Sng

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Timothy studied theology at Singapore Bible College. During his tenure as the priest-in-charge of Christ the King, Kingfisher, he established the work among the BM congregation. He is currently the priest-in-charge of Good Tidings’ Church, Semarak, Tawau and Chaplain for both SK & SM St. Patrick, Tawau.

The Rev Juny Lutahir

Adjunct Tutor

            Rev Juny is the key XEE practitioner in the context of Sabah, using BM. He has accumulated years of experience running XEE training in his church. He has been teaching XEE classes for ATI (BM) as a qualified facilitator and remains a key tutor on evangelism. 

Dr Chan Yew Ming

Adjunct Tutor

陈耀明博士于英国剑桥大学获得他的哲学博士学位。他还拥有哲学硕士 (英国伯明翰大学),道学学士 (英国伯明翰大学)及理科学士 (新加坡国立大学)的学位。目前是新加坡三一神学院的资深讲师。陈博士精通于小先知书、先知传统、被掳归回时代的犹太发展史、古代犹太人的身份认同和智慧文献。陈博士之教学经验丰富,常获邀到海外进行进教学。

Pdt. Dr. Ferry Yoshua Ginting

Adjunct Tutor

Dr. Yoshua menyelesaikan pendidikan S1 Teologi di STT Bethany Surabaya (S.Th), pendidikan S2 Teologi di UKIP Sorong (M.Th) dan pendidikan S3 Teologi di STT Borneo – Balikpapan (Ph.D). Merintis dan bertugas sebagai pensyarah tetap di STT Pelita Kebenaran dan mengajar serta berkhutbah di berbagai gereja/kota, ia juga seorang Pelatih Misi. Saat ini, Dr. Ferry ialah Gembala Sidang di Gereja GBI Sunggal Medan, GBI Langsa – Aceh  dan beberapa gereja cabang. Ia juga dipercayai sebagai Koordinator Misi dan Penginjilan di Keluarga Besar GBI Medan Plaza (House of Secrifice) yang memiliki lebih dari 160 Cabang dan lebih dari 50.000 jemaat.

Ps Grace Tan

Adjunct Tutor

            Ps Grace is a graduate of Trinity Theological College, Singapore [Master of Divinity & Master of Theology (Old Testament)] and a graduate of the University of Oxford, UK [Master of Studies (Oriental/Hebrew Studies)]. She has been in full-time pastoral ministry for more than 20 years (since 1990) and is currently serving as a pastoral staff at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore (Anglican).

Ps Sim Shiu-Kee

Adjunct Tutor

            Ps Shiu-Kee received formal theological training in Singapore Bible College and completed a brief stint with Ellel Ministry England. With years of experience and having held numerous diocesan positions, she is now serving as the Diocesan Chinese Prayer Co-ordinator.

Ps Vivienne Voon

Adjunct Tutor

            Ps Vivienne has been involved in the EE ministry since 2002, and has been teaching XEE since 2009. Apart from conducting XEE semesters in her own church, she regularly teaches in the Facilitators’ Training locally and overseas, including China, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Fiji. She believes that the key to reaching our nation is through personal evangelism, where every member of the body of Christ is involved in the harvest field. She is currently pastoring Full Gospel Tabernacle in Seremban 2.

Mr Steven Loh

Adjunct Tutor

            Mr Steven is the founding member of SIB Heritage, Sabah and Levi Christian Church, China. He has years of ministry experience, leading and teaching throughout Malaysia and China. Trained as an engineer, he is currently the Facilitator of the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course for Singapore and Malaysia, having taught the Emotionally Healthy Course in Shanghai and other places. He is also the Faculty of Facilitator for Haggai leadership Institute for Evangelism Malaysia.

Miss Margaret Kong


            Miss Margaret has been a member of Desert Stream Anglican Church since its birth in 2004. She is actively involved in the PCC, worship team, intercession, personal prayer ministry, youth ministry and also serves as a lay reader.

Datin Mary Vun

English Language Tutor

            Mary graduated from London University with a BSc in Nutrition and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics, qualifying as a State Registered Dietitian in UK. She worked in Oxford, UK, as a dietitian from 1983-1985, and married the late Bishop Datuk Albert Vun in Oxford in 1983. After their return to Sabah, she served in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, KK, as the Sabah State Dietitian from 1986-1989. In the years following their transfer in 1990 to serve in Tawau churches, she found her calling in education and subsequently caught the vision for Christian education which remains her passion, interest and ministry in the church wherever she goes. She holds a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching) qualification and has taught English classes for children and adults over the past 25 years. She currently serves as the Administrator of the Sabah Anglican Academies in KK, Tawau and KL. She was formerly principal of St Patrick’s Anglican Academy in Tawau (2003-2006) and All Saints’ Anglican Academy in KK (2006-2012). She is also an honorary consultant for School of Tomorrow® Asia, Malaysia.

Mdm Dorothy Chin

English Language Tutor

            Dorothy is a retired teacher. She began as a school teacher, and completed a lecturing career at University Technology Mara, Kota Kinabalu—specialised in English Language. Her interests include reading abilities and comprehension among deprived children.

Mdm Sarah Vun

English Language Tutor

            Sarah studied in the United Kingdom and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language & Communication with English Language Teaching. She also holds a CELTA certificate from the University of Cambridge. She has been teaching English for 4 years and has experience teaching students ranging from young children to adults.