Diocesan Diploma of Ministry (DDM) to Commence in 2013

It is with great pleasure for the School of Ministry and Mission to announce that we are ready to welcome a group of students entering into their 4th academic year of studies which will lead them to earn the Diocesan Diploma of Ministry (DDM). The subjects planned for the DDM level in 2013 are:

1. Introduction to Biblical Languages – Tim Mildenhall (21 Jan-10 Mar)

2. Hermeneutics – Tim Mildenhall (11 Mar-5 May)

3. Philosophy – Tim Mildenhall (6 May-26 May)

4. History and Theology of Mission – Kathy Mildenhall (21 Jan-10 Mar)

5. Early Church History – Kathy Mildenhall (11 Mar-5 May)

6. Christian Spiritualities – Lin Khee-Vun (Second half of 2013)

7. Psalms – Lin Khee-Vun (Throughout the academic year)

8. Prayer and Counselling Ministry – Kenneth Thien and Ellel Malaysia (Throughout the academic year)

9. Evangelism Methods and Implementation with Alpha and XEE – Lau Ay-Kuen (Second half of 2013)

10. Homiletics – Lin Khee-Vun (Second half of 2013)

11. Pastoral Leadership – Lin Khee-Vun (Second half of 2013)

12. Practical Ministries – various tutors (Throughout the academic year)

We are very honoured to have the Ven. Tim Mildenhall, the Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia and Kathy, his wife, joining the faculty for the first half of the year.

DDM is a one year fulltime programme which is open to those who have successfully completed the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM). Unlike the DCM, students are expected to join the School of Ministry and Mission fulltime. Applicants without the DCM can be considered provided that he or she has gone through training similar to the DCM in the past. All applicants are to be recommended by their pastor/priest-incharge. We expect students at this level to demonstrate faithfulness in their ministry at the local church and academic competency on par of that of DCM. Application is open now. Please write in to Ps. Lydia Chang for more information: lydiaclm@yahoo.com. Do also write in if you wish to audit some of the above courses.

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