Moore Theological College Tutors and Markers Workshop 2012

Moore Theological College Tutors and Markers Workshop 2012 for the Anglican Diocese of Sabah

The Right Reverend Gary Nelson, the newly elected Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia, conducted a Tutors and Markers Workshop at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 2nd to 3rd, May, 2012. Being the director for the External Studies for Moore Theological College (MTC), Sydney for a number of years, Bishop Nelson conducted the workshop with great expertise. He also brought with him experiences as he passionately guided the participants through the workshop.

With him was Mr. John Downward, the newly appointed in-charge person for the External Studies for MTC. Tutors and markers from across the Diocese of Sabah for all language groups took part in this workshop. This event marked not only the continuous partnership between the Sydney Diocese and the Diocese of Sabah, but also a milestone in consolidating the role the MTC External Studies modules in the area of training  within the Diocese of Sabah. Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia (BM) tutors and markers who completed this workshop were also certified as recognised markers and tutors for the course – probably first of its kind in BM in such scale and settings.

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