Diocesan Diploma of Ministry (DDM) 2014

DDM February's Tutors

ATI welcomes two tutors to the Diocesan Diploma of Ministry (DDM) (BM) Modular in February. Pastor Judy Berinai will take part in the Christian Spiritualities module while Nelly Van Kampen will be teaching Hermeneutics.

DDM modules are designed to follow the vision of the institute. Each module will be designed jointly by the module leader (currently the principal, Canon Lin Khee-Vun) and the tutor(s). Visiting lecturers are often taking part of a module. With this ATI aims to offer a wider range of expertise within a module for the students. DDM in BM is offered in 2014.  English and Chinese will be offered in 2015.

DDM (BM) for 2014:

Term 1 – 16 February-6 March 2014
Residential Study Hermeneutics
Christian Spirituality
Term 2 – 16 June-17 July 2014
Residential Study Homiletics I
Prayer & Counseling I
Mission Studies
Term 3 – 17 September-16 October 2014
Residential Study Homiletics II
Prayer & Counseling II
Pastoral & Leadership Management
Worship & Liturgy
*Subject to change without prior notice