Welcoming New Faculty

Anglican Training Institute (ATI) is delighted to welcome these new faculty members to its ranks.


Dr Kim Chang-Kyu earned his PhD in Theological Studies from Trinity College, University of Bristol. He also holds a BA in Theological Studies (Trinity College) and BEng/Bus (Hansung University).Prior to joining ATI, he was a Senior Lecturer at Msalato Theological College, Tanzania. During his tenure in Msalato Theological College, he has served as the Head of Theology.He is married to Lee So-Ra and they serve together in teaching and missions.

His published works include Balthasar Hubmaier’s Doctrine of Salvation in Dynamic and Relational Perspective (Pickwick Publications, USA) and a review on H. Wayne Walker Pipkin, Scholar, Pastor, Martyr: The Life and Ministry of Balthasar Hubmaier (ca. 1480-1528) – Baptist Quarterly Review Vol. 43, No. 3, July 2009 (International Baptist Theological Seminary of the European Baptist Federation, o.p.s. 2008).


Lee So-Ra received her MA in Theological Studies from Trinity College, University of Bristol with a dissertation entitled “The Contribution of 1 Corinthians to Paul’s Understanding of Leadership”. She also holds a Diploma in Higher Education in Theological Studies (Trinity College) and BA in Education (Ewha Womans University).Prior to joining ATI, she taught Applied Theology at Msalato Theological College, Tanzania.She is married to Dr. Kim Chang-Kyu.

Publication: Significance and Implications of Paul’s Concept of Leadership for the Korean Church Today, Transformation, Vol. 28, No. 2, April 2011 (SAGE Publications, UK)


Anglican Training Institute (ATI) Introduces New Curriculum

On behalf of the board and, especially the Curriculum Review Committee, I am happy to introduce the newly revised curriculum of ATI. The highlight for this curriculum is the introduction of the Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) programme. The B.Th will take 1-2 years to complete but it is built on top of another 2-4 years of studies in the Certificate of Theology (C.Th) and Diploma of Theology (Dip.Th) programmes.


We took time and made careful consideration as we designed the new curriculum. On one hand, we took note of the level of the Malaysian secondary school standard. On the other hand, we are determined to ensure that our proposed Bachelor programme maintains high academic rigor. More importantly, we are aware of our main mission – to train future pastors and priests who are powerful in preaching, passionate in worship and prepared for evangelism and mission. Learning from the newly revamped M.Div programme in Fuller Theological Seminary, we took the same direction by designing a curriculum which enables us to first train faithful Christians, and then fruitful ministers. Hence, the certificate level sees the emphasis on living out faith in ministry and leadership, while subjects that focus more on leadership – including academic leadership – are introduced at the later stages.


Meanwhile, we noticed that due to our commitment to high standard, many were left out from our training. Our entry requirements and the entry examination are set at a standard too high that they have become a hindrance for many. After much consideration, we have decided to make our certificate level training more attainable and approachable by setting its entry requirements to be on par with the Malaysian standard. We have also decided to remove the entry examination, believing that by widening the entry, more could come and be trained. However, this does not mean we are compromising on our standard. In fact, academic rigor is strengthened in the new curriculum through a new qualification system, which is designed to allow students to learn and be assessed more effectively through the three stages – certificate, diploma and degree. Students now must obtain at least grade ‘B’ in average at their certificate level in order to progress to the diploma level; and the same applies for eligibility for the Bachelor degree level.


As an Anglican training institute, we are proud to offer courses which were developed within the Anglican family. The Moore College external modules (previously, ThC) and the Practical Ministry Modules developed jointly by the Anglican Sabah and Singapore diocese continue to form the basic structure of our training.


Church members are encouraged to enrol for modules at this level. This will enable them to be equipped for ministry. Besides earning credits, they can mix and match modules as they like.


Rev Canon Lin Khee-Vun, Principal


Special thanks to the Curriculum Review Committee: Rev. Dr. Lim Kar-Yong (MBS, STM, ATI), Ps. Dr. Judy Berinai (STS, ATI), Dr. Kim Chang-Kyu (ATI), Mrs. Sora Kim (ATI) and Mr. Daniel Chong (Sunway University). Rev. Canon Lidis Singkung, Rev. Canon Yong Thiam Choy, Rev. Canon Lin Khee-Vun and Ps. Lydia Chang.