Practical Ministry Module Book 1 (English, Chinese and Malay) Published

Practical Ministry Modules Book 1

How do you respond to someone who asks you, ‘how do I know the will of God?’ or ‘how do I read the Bible?’ We are glad to introduce a newly published training manual which not only answers questions like the above but also covers the bulk of our practical ministry needs. This book is for both trainers and trainees. It can be used by any minister or pastor who wish to train his or her members in the church. The Practical Ministry Module is a combination of modules compiled into 5 volumes. These books contain the following modules:

Book 1

B1M01 – How to handle the Word of God

B1M02 – How to be filled with the Holy Spirit

B1M03 – How to exercise the gifts of the Spirit

B1M04 – How to pray effectively

Book 2

B2M05 – How to know the will of God

B2M06 – How to live victoriously

B2M07 – How to lead a person to Christ

B2M08 – How to follow up a new Christian

Book 3

B3M09 – How to pray for the sick

B3M10 – How to pray for deliverance

B3M11 – How to counsel effectively

B3M12 – How to demolish spiritual strongholds

Book 4

B4M13 – How to move in faith

B4M14 – How to build a Christian Family

B4M15 – How to lead the Christian life at work

B4M16 – How to manage your resources effectively

Book 5

B5M17 – How to build a strong team/How to be a leader in the church

B5M18 – How to build a strong Sunday Service

B5M19 – How to preach

B5M20 – How to lead a Home Cell Group

We are please to announce that Book 1 of the Practical Ministry Module is now published and made available for purchase. All Diocesan Certificate of Ministry level of our training is based on these modules and it is our aim that all pastors and ministers are trained to be effective in these ministry areas. So if your church has a worker who is currently trained in the School of Ministry and Mission (to be renamed Anglican Training Institute), this book will serve as the training manual for him or her. If you wish to have a trainer who can train your church members in these modules, you are welcome to contact us or send a student to our Diocesan Certificate of Ministry Programme!

We look forward to see these modules being to enable churches to be effective in ministry. You may place your order by sending us an email or call up. We are selling it at RM10 per copy if you order directly from the Training Department or Anglican Training Institute (ATI Books). If you wish to order in bulk – we are offering RM270 per every 30copies.

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