This website serves to keep fellow members of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah and our partners in ministry informed with the current development in the training committee.

The committee is currently entrusted to lead and provide training for the following:
1. School of Ministry and Mission – a School which aims to train fulltime workers and potential pastors, missionaries and ordinands.
2. The Ambassadors Programme – the committee runs the training for this programme.

The School of Ministry and Mission

The School of Ministry and Mission (SOMM) is a new initiative to establish a diocesan-wide, standardized training which reflects the vision of the diocese. Its goal is to train pastors(ordinands/ministers) and missionaries to be effective in building strong local churches throughout Sabah and beyond that are passionate in worship, powerful in preaching and prepared for effective mission and evangelism. In order to archive this, the school aims is to instill this vision into all those who are trained by helping them to first develop a solid theological foundation according to the great tradition of the Anglican church. For this purpose, the school has established strong partnership with Moore Theological College (MTC), Sydney. The MTC’s Certificate in Theology (ThC) has been chosen to form part of the required components for the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry (DCM), while the Practical Ministry Modules, which covers a full range of practical ministries tailored for the context of the diocese, will complete the other half of the requirement. Currently the school is also training three full-time students who are on route to their Diocesan Diploma of Ministry (DDM) – where they will be required to complete a number of advanced modules on top of their DCM. The Training Committee, which operates the SOMM, is constantly working towards further strengthening the courses offered. This is to ensure that, while focusing on the vision of the diocese, these full-time students will be sufficiently exposed and educated in the fields of theology, church history, mission studies, biblical studies and Christian spirituality.

Currently, SOMM has close to 70 students, and it is our joy to report that, by God’s grace, a number of students will be awarded with the Diocesan Certificate of Ministry on 14 February, 2013, during SOMM’s first ever graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, enrollment for new students will begins on 1 June, 2012 and the entry exam (Introduction to the Bible) will be held in November. Closing date for the enrolment will be 1 August, 2012.

For detailed understanding of the training model of SOMM, please see here.

The Ambassadors Program

The Ambassadors Program is a one year training/serving program for higher diploma or degree graduates which consists of three cycles – with each cycle consists of a six weeks in-house training and a ten weeks hands-on serving in churches or mission fields. It is a great opportunity to nurture one’s faith as well as to assess God’s calling in one’s life. The next closing date for application is 31 January, 2013 and the program will commence on 1 May, 2013. Do contact your priest or pastor in-charge for further information.


Currently the SOMM are blessed with a group of tutors for the DCM programme. Not only that they are trained and qualified, they are also certified to tutor students of the Moore Theological College’s External ThC programme. On the other hand, tutors with postgraduate degree are engaged to teach the DDM level modules. The Diocesan Training Committee put specific attention in ensuring that tutors understand the vision and philosophy of the school and the diocese.

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